Monday, November 22, 2010

So, my birthday has come and gone. I'm now 41. I was sort of all over as to what I wanted for gifts...from an e-reader of some sort to a netbook.

But I get jumping all over the place and finally pulled to plug on all ideas. So J and the kids had no idea what to get. So knowing that I want to run the Columbus Marathon they got me running stuff.

Specifically I got a heartbeat monitor and some running clothes.

Today seemed a good day to go out and test the new gear.

One of the first things I did was download a GPS tracker onto the phone. I went with Runtracker. Also, I had to learn how to use my heartrate monitor, and even how to interpret the data.

GPS is pretty basic stuff so no need for an explanation here. The heart rate monitor was totally new deal for me. Doing some basic (very basic) research I set my target heart rate zone between 148-159. Honestly I don't know much about this yet. So as I ran I simply kept my pace and heart rate between those two zones. I kept going over the 159 and need to slow down to get it where it needed to be. It seems and interesting tool but I do need to do some more research.

Runkeeper (gps tracking tool) had me running 2.79 miles in 30:42 minutes. But in reality I ran closer to 3+ miles in 38:31. That is what the heart rate monitor said. I couldn't get a GPS fix on the Android for the first eight minutes.

My heart rate device said avg 158 max 167.

The fact that I have not smoked going on two weeks was huge. Zero lung capacity issues at my pace. In fact, I felt good all the way around.

So a good start.