Friday, October 22, 2010

The Worst Habit In The World

OK, so I have a bad habit. I'm a stress smoker. And I find lots of reasons to stress, so I smoke. Only at work...but still...I smoke.

Now, as a smoker I know the risks. It killed both my parents. I don't need to be lectured.

But today I resolve to stop. The stopping is not hard for me. It's pretty easy in fact. I don't go through withdrawal or anything...and I don't really miss it.

The hard part for me will be in a few weeks when I'm nice and clean...and stress hits. I can't even imagine what peak is going to be like in my warehouse. Stressful.

So my resolution is that when I stress I don't smoke.

We shall see how easy it will be. If I'm to run a marathon smoking has to go. If I'm to live longer then my dad, smoking has to go.

So today is the first day. We shall see.

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